Hello WordPress! Thanks To Steempress & Vornix

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This is my first WordPress post which has always been a dream to do but never realized. That’s because I came across Steemit first instead of WordPress, as such it made more sense to stick with Steemit for the long haul instead of merely starting a WordPress blog.

That is until I came across Steempress which allows for the posting of blog posts simultaneously on both a WordPress site and a Steemit site.


Image source: https://steemit.com/steempress/@steempress-io/steempress-ready-to-curate-steem-powered-wordpress-blogs-with-1-million-steem-power

For the longest time after I have started my Steemit journey, I have wondered how would it be possible to post Steemit articles on both a Steemit site and a WordPress site. While it is possible to do separate posts on both Steemit and my very own WordPress site, it did not make sense since most of my audience are already on Steemit.

Furthermore, I have been introducing Steemit to my students and having them visit my WordPress site did not make sense, since some of them already have a WordPress site which was not working out for them. As such, I am completely sold on the use of Steempress as a way to publish my WordPress articles on Steemit. The thing is, I was not able to install any plugins with my free WordPress account. To do that, I would need to pay 24 USD a month for a a WordPress account. That did not make much sense to me until Vornix came along.

Image source: https://steemit.com/steemit/@alvinauh/hellowordpressthankstosteempressvornix-i2tn24q5sn

The wonderful people at Vornix were awesome enough to help me start my own WordPress site at any amount of SBD payment. I paid 3 SBD, still an awesome deal if you ask me to have my own WordPress site. I suppose the only downside is that I can’t have my own domain name, alvinauh.com but I suppose that can wait.


That being said, I am looking forward to do more with this new site and I look to the teaching community for support, not in the form of upvotes but ideas in general. I believe that we are moving towards an era where technology is inseparable with education. Increasingly, more and more governments are implementing some form of mobile learning or learning management system to enhance the teaching and learning process.

However, there are issues, not only with the application and use of technology, but also with the teaching aspect. For example, how do you get students to use the shiny new app that the school paid thousands of dollars for? More importantly, what are the techniques that can be used to make it happen? I hope that I would get some great questions from the Steemit education community and beyond on how to appropriately apply technology in the classroom.


Moreover,  I hope that this site will draw more teachers to use Steemit not only to help with funding, but as a community to help each other in our respective areas of teaching.