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I was inspired by @khimgoh to do up something that is related to homeschooling. I believe that there is a huge need for education clarity, no matter where we are. What that means is that some education systems do not prepare you for the future. Often parents are left in the dark as to how they can best prepare their children for what comes next. Thus, alternative education may be the answer, or at least, an alternative way of looking at education.

What this means is that, aside from exams and studying what else can a parent do? Thus, I would like to talk about a few aspects that parents can best prepare their children for the future. There is a lot to cover but I would offer a few points that are derived from observation and some informal research.

The research is considered informal because it is what I have learnt through my research topic. My current thesis is on comparing between two education systems. Its a long long article, but seeing that you are on my blog, here are a few lessons that I have discovered.

 The Online Future

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Education, like many other things in the world follow somewhat of a trend. The latest trend is the need to expose the children to an online future that is changing way too fast. At this point, I know a few education systems who are looking to implement coding in schools. A lot are not successful due to the lack of teachers and language barrier.

That being said, I think it is important for parents to allow children to learn at least a coding language. There are a few benefits to this. Chief of all is how a child can learn problem solving skills. This is especially the case when the child is required to get the program to run. Second is what comes next after learning how to code. There should be a constant encouragement for the child to join local clubs related to coding. Through such engagement, the child would make friends and learn from others as well.

There is a high chance that in a few years, coding would be made standard in most education systems. If your child is not old enough to learn it, perhaps, you, the parent can learn it too? I’ve just completed my short course on Python and man was it tough, but I do intend to teach that to my girls in the future.

Coding & I Are Enemies

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Of course, if coding is not the child’s cup of tea, there are other avenues that a child can be exposed to, namely in gaming, blogging and online streaming. Now before anyone starts grabbing their pitchforks to hang me, hear me out. I am by no means encouraging addiction, I think control and balance are two very important aspects. That being said, I think a child should always be exposed to this side of the economy that is becoming increasingly more mainstream.

To give a few numbers, (source) did a survey of how much can pro bloggers make in a month. The survey was done on 850 bloggers and it was in the 6 figure range. Of course, it takes effort to build up the site. Furthermore, with avenues like @steempress this would eventually become a possibility for the child. The same goes for video streaming and vlogging as well.

The same applies when it comes to being a potential pro-gamer (someone who plays games as a profession). However, this, like any sport is extremely competitive. There are even schools for gaming. That being said, my take on it is this, set a timeline, if the child can’t break into the professional gaming scene in a span of a few years, consider an alternative path.

Once again, I would like to emphasize this, exposing a child to it comes with control. When a child shows signs of addiction, it is wise to teach them how to control it. Banning them completely from games and online activities may yield opposite results. That’s because they do pick things up from their friends. Thus, I think it best to expose the child to it and guide them in disciplining themselves. They should know that there is a time for fun and a time to study.

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Some bits in this post may seem a bit controversial and without extensive research and survey, there’s no way to know what the future holds. Throw in politics and education administrators, the future becomes even more uncertain. That being said, I do hope that you have a fun read.

I’ll be doing up an offline future post soon, but I would like to stress the underlying gist of this post today. Studying is only part of a child’s development, learning other activities outside of school, whatever it may be, gives the child perspective, builds their confidence and provides them with the opportunity to learn real life lessons. It is however up to the teacher and parent to guide them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I would love to know your thoughts on this. Feel free to drop a comment, critique or feedback.

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