Offline Ways To Prepare A Child For A Successful Future

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Yesterday, I wrote of a few online related avenues where a child can expose a child to prepare them for the future. Today, I will write of a few offline ways a parent can use to best prepare a child for a successful future.

I will present a short list of them that are related to some extra-curricular activities that a parent can get their child involved in.

Public Speaking

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In some education systems, the focus is mainly exam oriented and students are often assessed by how much they know, instead of how much they can apply that knowledge. As such, pen and paper tests are aplenty and students are never assessed on how to present their thoughts.

While this is fine in school, a lot of students will face culture shock once they enter into university. Imagine this, the student studies all his or her life to get stellar results in their exams. The child is ecstatic, thinking that studying is the way to success.

However, upon entering into university, they quickly realize that much of their assignments are project based that require some kind of presentation. Thus, it would be prudent to prepare the child early on either through some form of class or participating in competitions.

The advantages of public speaking goes far beyond university. The ability to present to an audience or to pitch is an essential skill for a successful future. This is especially the case for many jobs. I was once asked to teach many workers in a company to public speak. This was because the company felt that it was an important skill lacking among the majority of the workers.


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Public speaking is a skill that helps one conquer their fear of speaking to a large audience. Learning the skill of debating is a great extension of one’s skill in public speaking. Learning how to debate is not merely learning how to argue.

When I was training my team for a debate tournament, it took us months of preparation to compile a portfolio of statistics and information related to the possible topics for debates. There is also the training on how to convince others to see things your way.

A child’s successful future hinges on their ability to problem solve and argue their stand on an issue. Such a skill is important not only in academic writing but also in their general knowledge.

Competitive Sports

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Of course, who can forget sports? I know there are many benefits that are well known to us when it comes to sports. One can have a rather successful future or career in sports. In addition, other benefits include good health, leadership and the sports itself.

As a former state athlete, I have been swimming competitively since I was ten and there is so much more. For one, participating in a sports competitively would take you away from home for extended periods of time. This requires the child to learn how to be independent at a very young age, managing their own money and sometimes their own laundry.

There is also the benefit of learning how to be competitive. Now, some view this rather negatively, but hear me out. In most competitive sports, there is the need for the child to train, work hard and do their best to achieve success. This can be a medal, a trophy or even a higher level of competition, like the Olympics.

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In this process, the child would learn a great deal of themselves but more importantly, they will learn how to overcome stress, pain and tiredness. This gives them the mental fortitude they need in anything that they put their minds to in the future.


All in all, exposing the child to any of these skills above may bring about different benefits, but they all lead to one thing. They build the confidence of the child to face what is to come, no matter how the future may change. I know this as it was part of my upbringing. Furthermore, I have also seen many with similar skill sets having a rather successful future in the careers they choose.