Handling Stress & Pressure on Steemit

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Doing well on Steemit can be rather stressful. I remember a Steemian saying that if you want to make do well on Steemit, you have to view Steemit as a business. However, to run a business well, stress and pressure will definitely be part and parcel of the entire process.

I have been on Steemit since September 2017. I found my niche rather early on on Steemit. That niche was education and I have been writing about it ever since I came on Steemit. Now, most of you Steemit veterans know, there are days when you just run out of ideas to write, especially if you were to write at least five times a week. There is only so many subtopics, news and perspectives that you can talk about.

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It won’t be long before you would start feeling rather stressed out and pressured to perform. Every night as I start writing, I feel like I have been placed on stage and made to tell a new joke everyday. Thus, in this post, I will talk about three ways that has kept me going.

Responding To Failure

Growing up in a stressful school and family environment has made me realize the importance of perspective. I have learnt that you can’t control the stressful situations that frequently pop up in our lives. However, I can control how I respond to it. Often, this requires a change of perspective.

In the context of Steemit, it would be impossible for you to control who upvotes you. It is even harder to predict if you will ever get more than a few cents of upvotes. While it is impossible to not feel pressured and stressed, there is one thing that you can control, your response.

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I have had my share of failures and all I could do was return to the drawing board and plan. Even till this day, there are times where an article that I have spent hours on, may still not do well. However, instead of feeling stressed, I choose to keep trying.

Share Your Blog With Others

I don’t know about you, but I love sharing my blog with others. Yes, the payout amount below my blog may look really cool, but I find myself in situations where I will be giving advice to my students. Instead of explaining certain things to them , I would ask them to read my blog.

This helps in the stress and pressure because it changes how you view writing on Steemit. You see, Steemit can be a one off thing for you, or an investment. An investment not in the financial sense, but in situations where you get to share your thoughts to inspire others.

Once you start viewing your blog that way, writing stops being stressful. It becomes somewhat of an interest where expressing yourself becomes the most important thing, while the financial part is an added bonus.

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Reward Yourself

However, what if you are someone who really needs the money and Steemit is your only source of income? It gets pretty difficult to have to write everyday. I believe you will feel quite stressed and pressured to do so or else, there just may not be enough on the table. If Steemit is your day job, I do think that it is best to reward yourself once in awhile.

I used some of my Steem earnings to pay off my monthly credit card bills for a few months before the prices tanked. The feeling was surreal and it kept me writing and believing in the system. The stress and pressure quickly disappeared, replaced by a renewed sense of motivation to keep going.

All in all, pressure and stress are part and parcel of Steemit. However, keep going, keep striving and push through. I believe one day, you will find success on Steemit.