Co-hosting A Talk Show is Just Like Completing a PhD

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I co-hosted my first talk show together with @zord189 yesterday. It was a great experience on my end to co-host a voice talk show over the @teammalaysia discord server. In many ways, co-hosting a talk show reminded me of my PhD journey.

Before I continue any further, do note that I enjoyed co-hosting the show but I am not exactly enjoying my PhD journey. As such, certain negative aspects may surface due to my PhD journey and not the talk show. That’s my disclaimer.

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So on to the experience. For the uninitiated, the talk show is called Teh Tarik Sundays where different content creators from the teammalaysia server would come on to the talk show to share their latest creation. The hosts act mainly as facilitators while the rest of the community who have tuned in would ask questions via text.

Have Fun!

As we were starting the show, @zord189 asked me to go on first instead of waiting for him. Now, I have been a host at youth programs and a teacher for most of my working life. Naturally, with teenagers and young adults, I start off with a joke or two to kick things off. Of course, now that I am a father, these jokes have taken a toll for the lamest.

I was hoping that some enjoyed the joke but some do not. However, this is one of the similarities between hosting a talk show and completing a PhD. Sometimes, you just have to have fun. Its that or you get overwhelmed with the mountains of challenges in completing a PhD. I am sure @zord189 faces similar challenges in making the show possible. He too shares the same philosophy, sometimes, you just have to chill, have fun and everything will turn out great.

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First Time Problems

I don’t know how to coin this any better, but I think when attempting something new, there is bound to be problems. As I was co-hosting the show, I think one of the hardest things for me was turn-taking.

I have been talking in front of lecture halls, classrooms, and even emceed for events. The issue is that most of the time, I did it alone. As such, turn-taking with a co-host was new to me. Furthermore, with the absence of a script, it can be hard to anticipate who is going to speak next.

The same goes for my PhD journey. I had to go through many learning experiences. One was when I submitted my journal to be published in a prestigious journal. I had unfavorable reviews due to my writing being inadequate. It took me a rather large sum of money and countless sleepless nights to get it published.

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I think there is no running away from first time problems, the best way is just to take it head on. Best way to learn is always through making many mistakes.

The Awesome Things About Teh Tarik Sundays

I see Teh Tarik Sundays from two points of view. The first thing is that Teh Tarik Sundays are part of my Sunday night routine. It is always great listening to others share about their work as I prepare for Monday.

The Second great thing about Teh Tarik Sundays is that I think it helps give an opportunity for many to promote their work. Without avenues such as Teh Tarik Sundays, Steemit can be a rather lonely journey.

The same goes for my PhD journey. It can be rather lonely and without a community that supports, most would find it rather depressing.


All in all, it was a great experience co-hosting the show, can’t say the same for my PhD experience. However, I hope that by this time next year, I will be happily prancing my way to graduation.