Are Extra Tuition Classes Necessary?

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Tuition classes are extremely common in Asian countries. In fact, it almost seems mandatory for most children. I remember going through at least four hours of extra classes every day after school. However, some have started to question the need for tuition classes.

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One reason why some have questioned the need for extra tuition classes is that of the unnecessary stress that it has brought to many of the students. Articles such as this and this are prime examples of how tuition may not be as beneficial as many would believe.

The Problem With Tuition

Extra tuition classes create more stress because of how they are executed. Students can get overwhelmed with additional homework in such classes. This additional homework are given on top of the ones given to them at school.

Furthermore, a lot of the tasks focuses on repetition and memorization. All this is with the focus of preparing the child to face the exams. Most of these classes are also packed full of students, making it no different from any classes at school.

The classes are also held after school. This makes it near impossible for the child to have a life aside from studying. Imagine a child leaving for school early in the morning, and coming home late in the evening with only enough time to complete their homework.

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Doing so deprives the children of developing other skills crucial to their wellbeing. The first skill to go is play. As much as how many see play as unimportant, it helps the child build social skills and destress from a day at school. The next aspect that a child would have to sacrifice is sports.

Aside from a healthy life, sports help the child acquire new skills that could open up opportunities to them in the future. There are many scholarships that take into account the child’s sports. The child will also get to experience life outside of the classroom.

I remember the days I got to skip extra class to attend sports tournaments. It did not make my grades any worse but I learned how to be independent and how light bulbs burn your clothes. That will be a story for another time.


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Tuition does have its advantages if it is done right. For example, if the teacher were to deal with each child’s individual learning problems, this makes tuition beneficial to the child’s learning. This ensures that tuition becomes an avenue where they can ask the teachers questions.

In addition, tuition classes should be done with as little teacher intervention as possible. For example, tuition classes can be a time when teachers assign individualized tasks. Tasks that are catered to help a child overcome their own weaknesses academically. For example, a child may be weak in sentence construction. Thus, tasks that are related to sentence construction can be assigned to help the child learn.


Tuitions may have its flaws, but really it is in its execution. I would definitely recommend a tuition class that is short and that caters to the child’s learning needs. As for those long, repetitive classes, I think a child is better off without them. How about you? What are your thoughts on the issue of extra tuition classes?