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I wrote a book because it was the most natural thing to do and also because I can =) . I was also inspired to write a book because of one incident in particular. In order to understand that reason, let me tell you a story.

The Story

I took some students for a debate competition once. It was the first time my students, who were education majors had taken part in a debate competition.  They were up against law graduates and political analysts. A few rounds into the debate competition, it was clear that the other teams were going to eat my teacher trainees alive.

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My team won a few rounds but lost most of them. They were positive but it was not until they were up against a group of law students. The debate became rather heated. At one point when one of the law graduates said that he did not care what teachers thought. That was because teachers are useless and stupid. Upon their graduation, they will be sent to a remote jungle somewhere and will never be heard off again.

My students were taken aback and chose not to respond. However, I found the statements inappropriate even if they claim that it was in jest, personal attacks should never be allowed. The organizers agreed and the team was penalized.

The Point Of The Story

I suppose in every aspect of life, it is inevitable that we will have some form of prejudice towards other people. In the case of the story above, I do not blame that law graduate for his prejudice. He may have had a rather bad experience with a teacher. That is why I think a book like the one that I have written would be great to give others like the law graduate some perspective.

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The book I wrote consists of different stories throughout my teaching experience. Every story in the book is a personal story that I have experienced when teaching my students.

As much as I would like to write a book consisting of stories from my 8 years of teaching experience, I have chosen 30 pages of my best stories to add in the book.


It has been a great achievement in publishing the book. I hope that this book would inspire other teachers or teacher trainers in the future. At the very least, publishing this book has reminded me of how awesome this job has been. For that, I am blessed.

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