Masternodes, HODLing & Studies

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Ever since I got into cryptocurrency, I started to see certain similarities between how it works and how studying is like. I know, there are many facets to cryptocurrencies, but I will be talking specifically about Masternodes and HODLing.

A Bit Of Context

So for the uninitiated, Masternodes are basically buying up a set amount of a particular cryptocurrency as collateral. This collateral is then used as a form of staking. Yes, I know there is a need for a VPS and all, but let’s keep it simple, shall we?

Masternodes do bring about some really good rewards but there are a few problems. First, most of the coins except for Dash are not as popular. Some are not even on coinmarketcap. This means that if you are going to invest in a particular Masternode, you are taking a risk buying into a coin that could lose all its value.

Second, there is the risk of putting all the eggs in one basket. I mean, logic dictates that it will be far safer to put all the money in 10 different coins instead of just one for a Masternode. Of course, the great thing about Masternodes is that you get a constant stream of rewards in that coin.

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HODLing, of course, is just investing in a few coins and holding on to them until the prices go up. In many ways, I think pursuing what to study is very much similar to choosing between HODLing and Masternodes.


HODLing in studies is very much like our current system of education. You buy up different coins and hope that one of them works out. Similarly, most education systems would require a student to study a myriad of subjects until they graduate high school. Hopefully, the student can ‘find’ a subject that they like to pursue in university.

While it is true that some education systems allow the child to choose what to specialize in halfway through high school, most education systems in the eastern context do not.

HODLing in education is good, you get to study different subjects before deciding what works for you. However, much time is likely wasted trying to figure out what you are going to do for the rest of your life.

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Then we have Masternodes. There are some education systems where the students are made to specialize in one subject from a very very young age.

The great thing about pursuing a particular subject like how you would a Masternode is that you get to know all about the subject you are pursuing. Just like building a Masternode, you will know everything from the programming of the node to why the project is going to do great.

The problem with this is that you can have a rather limited perspective on things aside from what you have learned. Just like buying into a Masternode, you can be rather biased towards what the Masternode project is all about. This may impede your judgment on things.

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Whichever system that you may choose, whether you choose to HODL your way in your studies or Masternode it, one thing is for sure, they both have their benefits and issues. The key is to not find one method that is perfect but to choose which suits your character. Personally, I was more of a HODLer back in my school days, I had no idea what I wanted to do and so studied a myriad of subjects before coming to one that I felt was perfect for me.

Of course, research is mandatory if you don’t want to lose a whole chunk of money. As such, you would need to research what you want to do for your future. Or else you may end up in the same situation as buying into a crap project, which is to lose a lot of time and money.