Superpowers Teachers (& Parents) Pick Up On Their Jobs

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This post is inspired by an event that happened yesterday. Its events led me to realize that as teachers and parents, we develop some really cool superpowers.

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I came back after a long hiatus and asked my supervisor if there was anything I could help with. She was very happy and immediately put me to work. I was asked to handle a class of 20 preschoolers. This was because I had to demonstrate to the new teachers on how to teach.

After the completion of the class, one of the new teachers pointed out that she was impressed by how I handled the class. I asked which part and she replied that, the screaming. Apparently, all 20 children screaming and running around was rather scary to her. To be honest, I did not notice the screaming until it was pointed out to me.

Super Hearing

As pointed out by the screaming earlier, I think teachers and parents develop a form of super hearing. Yes, we can hear the whispers of the children and students from a distance away. We can also block out voices as well.

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I believe it is a survival skill that develops over time. I remember developing this when I first taught a class of 46 eight-year-olds. The first class was of course, very loud. However, the noise decreased over time. The management of the class helped a bit, but it was just me getting used to it. I am sure parents can attest to this as well, with children and yelling day after day, you hear them, but you learn how to adapt to it.

Of course, tuning out noises is but part of the deal. We can easily hear the gossips and whispers of our students and children. That’s important and the skill is honed over time.

Super Strength

Due to the lack of equipment, I have been asked to carry our books, laptop and LCD projector to class. All this weight does train your arm muscles over time, but you can try carrying some of that equipment on your shoulder. However, that’s nothing compared to having two yelling children asking a parent to carry them both.

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After my second daughter was born, my firstborn started to get a little jealous. Every time I was carrying my younger daughter, she would ask for me to carry her too. I struggled initially, but I managed to get the hang of it over time.

As much as I wish that I could carry them on my back, I have to carry them both, each on one arm. It is nice to build my arm strength, but man, do my arm muscles scream out in pain if I have to carry them both over extended periods of time.

Super Speed

As teachers and parents, we are forced to keep to some rather crazy schedules. For teachers, there are times that we have to run to different classes at a time. As parents and if you have more than one kid, you may be forced to send them all to different schools, classes and activities.

That requires some mean skills or, some super speed. So, a big shout out to all you teachers and parents out there. You guys are superheroes with some mean superpowers.