The Cutest Things My Students Say To Me

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Throughout my career, my students have said the cutest things to me. Well, most of them happened when I was teaching my students how to swim. These stories have followed me to this day.

So, let me share with you a few of these stories that I have found most amusing.

The Drowning Of A Proficient Swimmer

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I had a very proficient swimmer who was able to swim for at least 200 meters without breaking a sweat. This swimmer, however, was only 5 years old.

One of his favorite thing to do after swimming was to bring all his toys to the pool. During one of the lessons, however, he brought far too many toys to the pool. After the lesson finished, I left the students to play, confident that nothing was going to happen to him.

However, as I was leaving the pool, his grandmother came running screaming for help, claiming that this proficient swimmer was drowning. I threw my bag and equipment aside and dove into the pool, powering towards the boy as fast as I could go.

At this point, the boy had already sunk to the bottom of the pool. I grabbed him and yanked him out of the pool. I placed him by the side of the pool, worried that I might have to do CPR. The boy, however, stared at me. He was unfazed and asked me why I pulled him out of the pool?

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I told him that his grandmother was freaking out and thought that he was drowning. I then asked why was he at the bottom of the pool, ‘drowning’? He then held out both toys in his hands and told me that he was actually trying to decide if he should swim with Batman or Superman. Since he could not decide, he just held on to them as he sank to the bottom of the pool, apparently, he was still contemplating about it at the bottom of the pool.

The Warming Of A Swimmer

I was teaching a class during a cold cold evening and a student of mine was freezing in the pool. He was freezing and wanted to leave the class at that moment. With only 5 minutes left, I told him to power through the lesson since it was ending soon.

He agreed and swam for a bit more before class finished. As the class was about to end, I carried him close and ask if he was still cold. He looked up at me and said:

“No, not cold anymore, I just peed so I feel warm again.”

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I then felt the warm sensation he was talking about. Unfortunately, it was not the pool’s heating system. Despite being peed all over by the boy, I still think that it was one of the most adorable thingsĀ I have heard. This is especially the case, coming from a 4-year-old.


I hope you have found these stories funny. If you do have any funny stories from your teaching career, I would love to hear about it in the comments below.