Hitman 2 & Thinking Critically in The Art Of Teaching

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I picked up Hitman 2 recently and have found the game to be extremely challenging for me. You see, I am used to playing games where you run in, shoot and win. Hitman 2, however, requires you to strategize. As the name suggests, hit your targets and get out.

Since this is my first time with the game, I am not familiar with the lore of the game. All I can gather so far about the game is that Hitman 2 follows an assassin by the name of Agent 47 who travels to different locations to eliminate targets assigned by the International Contract Agency (ICA).

In many ways, I find that learning how to play Hitman 2 well is much like learning how to thinking critically when teaching.

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Brute Force is Easy

There were times in Hitman 2 that I wish I could just grab a big gun and go around shooting. Unfortunately, that never works. the same goes with teaching. It is easy to extend classroom hours and increase the amount of homework assigned. m

On paper, such efforts do help in getting students to learn. However, in practice, that rarely works. That is because when students are oversaturated with knowledge, they are likely not able to focus in class. As such, it is impossible to find an alternative means of achieving the objectives of the lesson.

In Hitman 2, it is through gathering information about the target’s whereabouts and movements. In the classroom, it is through learning about what the students are interested in as well as how they learn. Such an approach is often more tedious but would yield much better results in the long run.

Using the Environment 

Hitman 2’s tagline is to ‘make the world your weapon’. The game teaches you in the training to use the environment creatively to assassinate your targets. While there is no need to do that in the classroom, there are times where the planned lesson faces difficulties due to equipment malfunction.

As such, it is up to the teacher to use the environment to his or her advantage.  From my experience that normally includes the blackboard, the tables, and chairs. There are many things that can be done with these items. This includes planning games that do not require any computers or specialized equipment.

For me, that would be the game scattegories where it requires the student to think of words that start with a particular letter. The student will then have to write it down on a piece of paper and run out to the front. As the teacher reads the answers given, the students are given marks for unique answers. If any groups were to give the same answer, both groups will not get any marks.

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Wearing Different Disguises

Another aspect of the game requires the player to disguise themselves to blend in with the crowd. This applies to the teacher as well. While it is unnecessary for the teacher to dress up in disguise, it certainly is nice to do so.

I find that with younger children, even the smallest disguises goes a long way to attract their attention. That would help in their learning as well. I always believe that teachers are also part-time entertainers as well. As such, a disguise or even a musical instrument would help in students acquiring new knowledge.

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I once brought a guitar to teach a language lesson. Unfortunately, one of the strings broke and I could only play in the key of C. Despite that, all the students enjoyed it, that or they were tone deaf. But I choose to believe the former.


That’s my takeaway from playing Hitman 2 thus far. Whether you are an educator or not, I highly recommend picking this game. Who knows, you may even get to learn skills that can be applied to your day job.