Yoodo Not Want To Waste Money On Your Phone Bills

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If you are Malaysian, you would probably notice that little wordplay over there. If not, that’s cool, I’ll just share a little about a little neat phone plan that I came across the other day. But before I begin, let me share with you a little problem I have with wasting money on my monthly phone bills.

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My Bad Habit

 I have a little addiction to media consumption. You see, I feel the distinct need o stay online and connected all the time. Be it with Steemit or just binging on Youtube videos, I feel the need to stay connected all the time.

Also, I have this bad habit of trying out different Apps in my class lessons. Most apps are a nice little treat for my students. Problem is, they often require a good internet connection. Since most of my students consist of poor college students, my only option is to share my internet connection with my students.

Normally, a data plan with large amounts of data is more than sufficient to cater to my needs. But there are a few issues with that.

The Problem

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A plan with lots of data is expensive and it comes with a lot of other things that I do not need. For one, I don’t need 2000 text messages a month.

Some plans also come with interesting restrictions such as a tonne of data on weekends but not on weekdays. As such, with all the lack of flexibility, looking for a perfect plan can be rather impossible. Won’t it be nice to have a plan that is flexible? I think that in this case, the perfect plan is the plan that allows me to customize it however and whenever I want to.

The Solution

I set out to do a bit of research on the different phone plans in Malaysia. I discovered that while most of the main players in the industry offer similar plans, each of these Telcos has come up with smaller companies that are directly or indirectly linked to the huge companies in Malaysia.

Some of these smaller companies offer some interesting perks. This ranges from a social media-centric plan to a plan that allows you to sell back unused data. That is when I came across a plan that is fully customizable.

That is when I came across Yoodo.

Yoodo Not Want To Miss This

Let’s be real, there are only three things that you need in a phone plan. True, having a great discount of a ride-hailing service or on your favorite bubble milk tea store may be nice, but it is not worth the extra monthly payment.

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As such, all you need really is data, a call plan, and a text messaging plan. Depending on your situation, you may want more data on your plan but no text messages. This could be because none of your friends Text using SMS anymore. Or you may decide to stick to Whatsapp for calls and text messages. As such, you may not even need a call plan at all. Yoodo allows you to customize your plan however you want it.

I for one have gotten a plan with a large amount of data with only a small amount of calls and text messages with it. With Yoodo I am able to save at least 20 Ringgit every month. That’s because my previous plan had a large amount of data, text and call hours. I did not need it, but I could not get rid of it as it was all in a package.


So, if you are looking for a plan that is very customizable, look no further. Yoodo is definitely a service you should consider. Plus, you get to keep your old number too. Also, you can head on to their site to customize your plan.

I’ve tried it before deciding to change from my old plan to this one. That was because after trying out different customization plans, Yoodo was far cheaper than the other standard Telco packages out there.

If you are keen to join up, head on over to their site  and check it out. Also, you would do me a solid by using my referral code which is ssubd9823 .