A Lesson Learnt From Trying To Save Money On My Coffee

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I love coffee. I love it so much that my wife says that if I were to lactate, I will lactate espresso. Ok, too much information there, but it wasn’t long before I realized that I have been spending a little too much on my coffee. As such, I started looking for ways to save money on my coffee.

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I Started Guilting The Manager

So here’s my strategy. I would go to the cafe and buy my coffee beans in bulk. Approximately between 500g to 1kg. This would last me for anywhere between two weeks to a month of drinking twice a day. Plus, it saved me about 30% off retail price.

Not satisfied with just saving money on my beans, I would ask the manager for a cup of coffee because, well, I bought so many beans from them. The first time I did it, I did it as a joke. To my surprise, I was offered any drink on the menu.

Needless to say, I started doing that for all the cafes that I have visited. Word of caution, the big green mermaid doesn’t do that but a lot of the other cafes do. Although, it does depend on how good a mood the barista and manager are in.

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I Offered My Services As A Steemian

Well, I did not offer it, more like force it down their throat. So I started writing posts about the cafes that I bought my beans from. Not to mention the ones that I guilted the manager off free drinks. After writing a few nice articles that went on their Facebook page, they were happy to invite me back for coffee tasting and special prices for my coffee beans.

The great thing about this is that it created somewhat of a win-win situation. They get great reviews and I get my daily dose of caffeine. Although in this case, I think the situation favors me more.

I Made My Own Coffee

Ok, so this one is fairly obvious. I started making my own coffee using anything from an espresso maker to a french press. There are a few great things with making your own coffee. For one, you get to tweak the coffee to the taste that you like.

The second great thing about it is that you come to realize how much you can save from making your own coffee. I was shocked to find that the cost of making a cup of coffee is only a fraction of the retail price.  An example is that a cup of coffee costs only 2 bucks to make but is charged about 8 bucks.

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The Lesson

The lesson learned is that once you put your mind to something, you will find ways to achieve it. I would have never asked someone for a cup of coffee for free. It is kind of embarrassing to ask for coffee for free, but since I have committed to saving money on my coffee, I don’t think its impossible.

I would have never written about nor blog about any businesses. However, I found that if I wanted to achieve what I have set out to do, I had to think outside the box. The same goes with learning how to make my own coffee. Overbrewed coffee tastes absolutely horrible and getting the coffee brewing just right was absolutely awesome.

So, if you are out there pondering on how to achieve a particular goal that seemed impossible, time to tough it out and start thinking outside the box and powering forward!