The Rising Of The Shield Hero Is A Great Example Of How First Impressions Can Mess Up One’s Life

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I remember heading overseas as part of a group of students sponsored to study overseas. Back then, we were well received by the university who had great hopes for the group. All was great until one of the members started to say something… inappropriate. But more on that later, in many ways the first impression is extremely important and is in many ways what the rising of the shield hero is all about.

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The Rising Of The Shield Hero

The rising of the shield hero is an anime about four individuals transported to another world. Each individual was given a legendary weapon, which consists of a sword, a bow, a spear, and a shield.

The heroes set out to level up. However, the plot took a turn when there was a plot to frame the shield hero for crimes he did not commit. Frustrated, he set out on his own and made a name for himself despite everything and everyone being against him.

Its a rather interesting anime with a different take on things and I highly recommend it. However, let’s get back to the whole inappropriate statement bit.

The Inappropriate Statement

So anyway, back to the topic at hand. We were all sent out on projects and visits to schools. After we finished visiting the schools, we were told to give a report to the dean of the university about our findings of visiting those schools.

The leader of our group went up to give a speech. The problem was that he was not exactly great in his English. So with a very thick accent, he powered through the first minute of the speech. However, with a slip of a tongue, he mispronounced the word organism as orgasm.

The entire hall erupted in laughter and it did not help that because of that, he was horribly made fun of from that day onwards.

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A Lesson For Educators

My takeaway from the situation and the anime is that first impression is overrated. Sure, we can base certain weight on it. However, the fact remains that it is one’s performance over time that should be the thing taken into account.

For the case of the shield hero and my teammate, I think the Halo effect does come into play. I have known many students who are angels to the teachers and horrible to friends. These students have always used the halo effect as a way to gain favor from the teachers. However, after a while, most teachers will find out and start being extra cautious towards them.

My point to all this is no matter how bad a first impression you may have at your school or workplace, do take a lesson from the shield hero and continue to work your way out. Having a good first impression may be beneficial, at first, but persistence and hard work will get you over the finish line faster.