Handa Kun Is A Great Anime and Teaching Tool

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Handa Kun is one of those rare gems of an anime that is an excellent teaching tool for children going through their teenage years. That is because Handa Kun teaches the important lesson of how easily we can think the worse of how people view us during those confusing times of growing up.

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A Brief Sypnosis

Handa Kun is an anime about a high school boy by the name of Handa who thinks that he is an outcast from everyone around. As he attempts to keep a low profile, the unintentionally gains the admiration of others who become his ‘worshippers’.

The anime spans for 12 episodes and is a good watch especially after a stressful day. I attest to this because I picked it up after a long day of working on long academic articles.

Lesson 1: Misunderstandings Are Common

Handa Kun teaches misunderstanding in the most hilarious sense. This ranges from girls misunderstanding his confusion for coolness to gangsters misunderstanding his lack of care for support.

While such situations will never happen in real life, it is a great anime to show students. Since Japanese animes do blow the most mundane things out of proportion, it does offer the students a refreshing look at things that they are going through daily.

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The anime covers different characters, situations, and events throughout its 12 episodes and are lightly connected. Thus, this gives the teacher an opportunity to tackle different issues with different episodes.

The episodes would make for great discussion on topics ranging from handling loneliness to communicating misunderstandings with others.

Lessons 2: Kill Them With Kindness

Handa Kun presents a lot of scenarios where teens would respond to it with violence. However, through his kindness or blurness, he was able to win them over. An example would be an episode where  he visited a gangster to get him to come back to school.

Handa had no idea what he was doing and all he wanted to do was to get out of there quick. However, his actions were misinterpreted as kindness which won over a gang member.

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Such topics would also be great to talk about how they can respond to tough and awkward situations that may go on in school.


I highly recommend Handa kun as a teaching tool or just something to cheer you up. There’s something about animes like this where the protagonist misunderstands the world around. So if you are a teacher who has teens in your class or if you just had a long stressful day, do check out Handa Kun. I’m sure it will cheer you up.