Deadly Class Is A Surprisingly Good Model Of Good Classroom Teaching & Learning

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Deadly class is a great show about an elite private school to learn the art of assassination. The students of the school consist of the children from elite crime families. There are many great qualities of the classroom and its curriculum. For one, the way the curriculum is structured in deadly class seem like a particularly effective way of teaching.

Before I begin, if you have watched the show, do note that I do not condone violence. I just find that there are some great lessons to learn from the show. The show follows the newcomer to the class, Marcus who got in because he was thought to have massacred all the children in his orphanage.

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The headmaster of the school is Master Wong who is ruthless. He runs the school with efficiency and does so effectively. There are a few great teaching and learning lessons from how Master Wong runs the school.

The Consequences

The class is executed with the ultimate consequence hanging over all the students’ head. That consequence is that of death or shame to the family. That shame at times is tantamount to getting executed. This drives the students to do well or suffer the consequences.

The same lesson applies to students in the real world. I find that there are many students who do not think of the consequences of their actions. They sail through life without really thinking about what is going to happen. Sometimes, they ignore the problems that they face academically hoping that it will disappear.

Let me be clear, I am not completely for the pursuit of academic excellence. However, I am for the pursuit of improvement because if I were to be able to teach my students how to improve themselves, they will enjoy a life of meaning and potential success.

Thus, I think that the best way to drive students to learn well is to point them towards the potential consequences.

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The Hands-On Activities 

Many of the classes are done with minimal lectures and loads of hands-on activities. I suppose if you are teaching people to assassinate¬†others for a living, you can’t possibly do so by using a textbook. You will need to teach them with practical hands-on activities.

The same applies to many education systems who stick to the teaching of knowledge via lectures. This does not work because there is a lack of context and it can be hard to internalize the knowledge well. Thus, perhaps with more hands-on activities and less lectures, we just may have students retaining knowledge better.

Learning From Experts

The learning from practical experience is great. However, they still need to be guided by experts in their respective fields. There is a huge difference between expert teachers and those who are just there to read from a textbook.

That is why in Deadly class, many of the instructors are experts in a particular field of assassination. This helps the students learn well and implement that knowledge effectively in the field. This reminds me of a statement that my colleague use to say about teachers. He used to say that anyone can hold up a book and talk for an hour in class. But it takes a special someone to explain that whole hour in 5 minutes. That can only be achieved by teachers who are experts in their field.

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I hope you have found this a good read. I highly recommend Deadly class but a word of warning, there is much violence in the show and I am pretty sure the disciplining methods in the show are illegal in our education system. So, don’t try any of those in the classroom.