Would You Allow Your Child To Be A Pro Gamer?

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As the Esport scene is becoming larger, watching Esport matches reminds me of the days when I was competing in martial arts tournaments. The atmosphere is almost always electric with the crowds cheering for their favorite athlete to win. If you have been to a DOTA or Starcraft match, the atmosphere is similar. However, a buddy of mine asked a very interesting question the other day. He wondered if parents in this day and age would allow their children to be a professional gamer.

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The Stigma Associated With Gaming

I’m sure you have heard this before about how gaming addiction among many. Also, there is the issue with time being spent playing. An acquaintance¬†on the national counter strike team used to tell me that training on the computer was a minimum of 8 hours every day.

Much like an athlete, the point is to achieve that superhuman reaction time on the mouse and keyboard. This amount of training, of course, has led to many teachers and parents perceiving gaming as a waste of time. Since all¬†one may do is just click away ‘killing their enemies’.

Some say that all the time spent in front of the computer is detrimental to their health, physically and emotionally. Time spent in front of the PC should be spent doing something more meaningful such as sports or homework. However, there are some who claim that this could be the future. This could be an untapped, unexplored form of business that would be advantageous to those who get in early on it.

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The Potential

The Esports industry is valued at approximately 900 million dollars in 2018. This number would continue to grow in the long run. If one were to be involved in Esports, their duties may consist of hours of gaming to hone one’s skill, as well as strategizing to be better at any game that they are focusing on.

The average salary of a professional gamer ranges from 1000 – 5000 dollars (source). That is definitely higher than my salary and if they were going to pay me this much a month playing computer games, I really would not mind.

While that is just the average salary, it was reported that the highest paid salary for a professional gamer is approximately 3 million dollars annually. This does not include the advertisement deals and living allowances that they may receive.

Of course, there is also the acclaim and fame that one may receive from winning tournaments. While the potential to succeed is there, is it really worth it?

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The Caveat

I would not mind if a student or a child of mine were to pursue the path of becoming a professional gamer. However, I would only do so if there is a backup plan is in place. I mean, its just sensible to have some plan to pivot to in the event that things don’t work out.

I remember a time when I was an athlete and things looked like it could last forever. The problem was that I did not see retirement coming in any way. But, before I know it, I was forced to retire and it took me a while to decide what I should do next. As such, its always good to have some backup plan in place. If there is a backup plan in place, I am all in for my kid being a professional gamer. But first, my kid has to beat me first =)