Teacher! My Brother Was Scratching His….

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So this has gone down as one of the most awkward classes that I have had in a while. So it was a normal class where I was teaching two brothers. Both of them were fine until they started fighting. Since I was around, they have resorted to a mere war of words.

The exchange was quiet and civil initially. Just mere exchange of words like every sibling. However, the younger brother was losing this particular exchange. It wasn’t for long before things got rather out of hand.

The older brother started using his talents with arguments to slowly humiliate the younger brother in front of the class. The younger brother was angry, fuming actually. He thought of a comeback but had none. Then, he decided to hit under the belt, and I mean, way under the belt.

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The younger brother then decided to blurt out his brother’s dirtiest and darkest secret to the entire class. Now, bear in mind that the younger brother is no younger than the older brother. However, he was a lot more ‘innocent’ than the older brother.

As such, he immediately stood up and pointed at his brother shouting out all the things that his brother did in his private time. He shouted how he saw his brother ‘scratching himself’ while ‘watching girls on the computer screen’. As if to let it all sink in, he repeated this several times in front of the class revealing the frequency of his brother’s recreation time.

At this point, the class was a mix of confusion and shock. We all had no idea how to react. By ‘we’, that includes me as well. As such, I had to calm the younger brother down and made everyone resume their work. It was not easy, but I think everyone would have rather deal with their homework instead of the entire awkward situation.

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As for the older brother, he was quiet for the rest of the class. He just buried his head in his work. As much as this was a very awkward class, this quickly turned into a very quiet class as well.

When class was over, everyone could not leave fast enough. However, I walked the older brother out of the class and asked if what his brother said was true. He denied all of it. I assured him that if he ever wanted to talk I would be around.


It has been a rather interesting class but this has got to be a new one for me. As much as I hoped that the older brother would sit down and talk things out with me, I suppose it is a journey that he has to go through on his own.

However, I do think that the biggest loser in this story could potentially be the younger brother. I wonder what revenge his older brother is planing for him. I guess I will find out in the next class.