Cent Is A Platform That Pays Out In Ethereum

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Cent is a platform that resembles Steemit in many aspects. It has a great community where you can write posts like Steemit. Also, it pays the creators of content on the platform. The difference is, Cent pays its creator in Ethereum.

How It Makes Cents…

There are many things on Cent that makes, well, sense. The first thing you will be greeted with when you get on Cent is the permission to access your Metamask wallet. Once that is done, everything done on Cent is done via your Metamask. So there are a few cool things that you can do with it. First off, you get to post content of any kind.

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If your content is awesome or someone else finds value in it, they will ‘like’ your work by seeding it. As a seeder, you do have an incentive to seed a post as soon as possible. That is because you earn a portion from everyone that seeds after you. Now here is when it gets interesting if you are the first person to seed a post, 25% goes to the author and 75% of the seeded Ethereum is returned to you. However, if you happen to be the second or third person to seed the post, 75% of your seeded Ethereum will be distributed amongst those who seeded before you.

Of course, the content creator receives a portion (which is 25%) of all those who seeded. While this takes a different approach as compared to the likes of Steemit, I think it really boils down to what you want to get paid in. If you prefer to not post content, you could always earn through replying.

On Steemit or Facebook, you are not exactly incentivized to reply at all. However, this is not the case for Cent. On Cent, you will find that many of the posts on Cent have a bounty attached to it. This bounty will then be distributed to those who replied on the post. This, in my opinion, does promote engagement.

 What Else Can It Be Used For?

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I have been on Steemit for a bit and I am more used to the way of how things are done on Steemit. However, I must say that Cent’s approach to the platform does promote engagement. The moment I found out about it, I find that Cent has much potential in education.

For one, it would be a great way for educators to source for ideas and confirmation. As an ESL teacher, I get many teachers texting me on grammatical errors. There are times when I do such comments on Facebook and at times, no one replies to these posts. However, with Cent, you are incentivized to reply.

The same goes for sourcing for ideas. Imagine sourcing for classroom activity ideas. Normally, it can be a rather lonely journey planning for classroom activities. Now, imagine the number of ideas that could be pouring in with the comments that can be sourced from others on Cent. Of course, the same can be said on sourcing for ideas on different topics and projects.


I do think that Cent is a platform that is worth checking out. Who knows? You could even use it for some awesome crowdsourcing of ideas. Now I wonder if I could use Cent to determine what I should cook tomorrow…