Faith? Trust? Stupidity Or Something Else?

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I am with the opinion that we should always give our children the benefit of the doubt. I believe that we should always allow children the freedom to explore. However, I do think that some parents have taken this to the extreme. Let me explain an incident I saw the other day.

Faith? Trust? Stupidity?

A mother brought four of her children to the pool the other day. The pool was reasonably deep and the children did not seem like proficient swimmers. She gave them a string and left them to go swimming. I was having a swimming class nearby and my spider senses or rather paranoia started tingling.

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You see, the mother sat there while all the children started running into the pool. Before they started diving in, they were given a rope. This rope was meant to pull their siblings in, just in case, they were to drift too far into the pool. The pool was too deep for them and they could barely touch the bottom of the pool.

Needless to say, my swimming class was interrupted. Not because they were running around, but because every time they jumped in, I was afraid that they would drown. Luckily, one sibling was always around to reel the other in. It wasn’t long before that got a bit boring for them.

That was when they started jumping into the pool while holding a rope. The pool had no lifeguard on duty. As such, I shot the mother a judging glance. I did not know how my glance was supposed to look but basically, I hope my glance would convey the message “Are you stupid?”

Or Something Else?

I was hoping that perhaps my look would sway her from leaving the children at the pool. I started recapping how to do CPR in my head but something about the mom’s look caught my attention. I glanced back at her again. She looked tired, soulless even. I suppose she was just exhausted. Looking at her children running around like they were high on coffee, I was not surprised.

It's easy to become a tired parent when children throw tantrums.

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My mind wandered and I started picturing how her weekend was like. It was likely that the children were up super early and started bouncing on her bed. She was probably tired from the night before, nursing her baby to sleep. Then it was a whole long day of keeping the children entertained. I suppose she must have tried all kinds of activities until finally, she decided to take them to the pool.

At this point, I started feeling bad. Perhaps, I was too judgemental and perhaps sending her children to the pool was the only time that she got to have a break. At this point, I suppose I will just keep an eye out for her children. Hopefully, she would be rested well enough to go through the week.