Steemit as a Way To Develop Future Teachers’ Writing Skills

This is a concept paper for a year-long project that I will be initiated next year. Most of the fine details are still in the planning stage but in this article, I hope to present some of them. Some feedback is always appreciated. The general plan is to use Steemit as a way to develop my students’ writing skills. My core group of students is college students in the education faculty. Once they graduate they will become teachers. One reason for this project is their writing skills.

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Identifying the issue

In most countries where English is not spoken as a first language, there is a pressing need for students to do well in writing well. Writing is an important component in most assessments in schools as well as in university. As such, students should always take the opportunity to practice writing as much as possible.

However, writing is an incredibly boring activity. Well, there are ways to organize fun activities in the classroom. There is a limited amount of time in the classroom where the students can practice. As such, the students should take the opportunity to practice outside of the classroom.

Now, let’s be real, why would anyone spend their free time writing? Unless there is some real carrot that teachers can dangle in front of the students. That is when Steemit presents an opportunity to help different students to improve their writing skills.

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Leveraging Steemit

Steemit is very much similar to a blogging platform. Many studies have been conducted on the use of blogs to help students practice their writing. However, the one aspect that sets Steemit apart is the rewards.

Simply put, if a teacher were to instruct a class of students to write one blog every week, the one thing that keeps students writing is either fear or some form of intrinsic motivation. Fear, in this case, would be either the fear of getting a bad grade or how the teacher would rain down metaphorical hell on the student. Intrinsic motivation would just be the love of writing.

If these two elements are not present in the classroom, why not try leveraging Steemit’s rewards to help. That way the teachers would necessarily need to be someone who is feared nor must the students be intrinsically motivated. Steemit’s reward system may just be enough for students to be motivated to write on a regular basis. Of course, the task would still have to be administered by the teachers. However, if an education institution decides to use Steemit, Steem can be bought by the administrator and used to reward the students.

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This could eventually lead to the adoption of Steem in education. However, more research should be done. In theory, writing on Steemit may likely help and motivate college students to improve their writing. It would be cool to see it being implemented in primary and high schools as well. I’m definitely excited to see how this pans out. It’s going to be an interesting year ahead.


Some Great Reasons To Start Steemit… Aside From The Payout.

As I was sharing about my Steemit journey at the Steemit Bootcamp, I started to wonder. I wondered what would have made a great selling point for my Steemit experience. After all, not everyone is free to go online and just write for fun. Surely, there was something that I could talk about that could entice someone to come on to Steemit. Thus, I started sharing about my experience, not in a technical sense, but in a more personal manner.

I Wrote A Book

Yes, i know you have heard of this many times. I wrote a book. But really, it has been one of those things on my list that I get to tick off and I am happy about it. However, a lot of the ideas and inspiration were synthesized from my articles on Steemit.

I was scrolling through over 300 posts that I have written. In those posts, realized that I have some really good teaching stories. They were personal and they were the stories that I have used time and time again whenever I go out training future teachers. There were a few stories that would normally wow the audience. Thus, I took a good number of them and adapted them into a book.

I went on to say that if they were ever thinking of writing a book, Steemit would be a great place to start compiling their thoughts and get paid doing just that. I for one sure am glad that I have found a way to use my ideas for something else.

Learning About Blockchain

The next thing that I spoke about was about learning about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in general. I remember that when I first heard about Steemit, it sounded like a scam. However, upon studying it, a lot of the way it is being run makes sense. Aside from that, because of the ease of converting Steem into some other Cryptocurrencies through @blocktrades, I was able to get involved in other Cryptocurrencies.

The thing that I have noticed about Cryptocurrecies is that, it is either a really good great idea or a really bad great idea. Either way, its a great idea and concept. Thus,  I think we will be seeing it more and more in our everyday life. As such, why not understand it better instead of listening to those who are uninformed.

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The media has always portrayed Cryptocurrencies in a negative light but never fully understanding it. With Steemit, I was able to see the other side of the story. This side is never portrayed in the mainstream media.


Exploring Your Other Talents

Finally, one of the best experiences on Steemit was that I was able to tick off some items from my list. That includes having my own blog. I know, not everyone wants to have a blog. However, you will never really know how good a content creator or a live-streamer you may be.

With Steemit, once you have decided to embark on this journey, you will find that there are many opportunities to explore your own talents. Such opportunities may lead to better things in the future. But, one thing is for sure, unless you start writing on Steemit, you will never really know. I ended my sharing session during the Steemit Bootcamp with this:

“Why not give it a try? After all, what do you have to lose?”


Musings From Sharing At A Steemit Bootcamp

I had the opportunity to share about my experience at a Steemit Bootcamp. Many thanks to @bboyady for having me and allowing me to ramble on about Steemit. I had a blast although what many did not know was that I was half asleep.

I was asleep not because I was bored, but because I was teaching swimming under the hot sun in a wetsuit for two hours. Naturally, the heat got to me and I finished half of @veenang’s box of bottled water. Thanks, bro for the drink. Nevertheless, it was a great night with some really great sharing.

Throughout my sharing session, a few rather interesting musings came to mind. First being how I was requested to start off.

The Elephant In The Room

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I think being in Steemit for a long time creates some form of bias. That bias is that we know how great and awesome the entire platform is. However, we forget that many may see it as a kind of scam. As a teacher, it is not hard to tell who is skeptical and who is not. You can tell this from the crossed arms and the ‘I-Don’t-Believe-You’ look on their faces.

Nevertheless, I was reminded to share about my journey on Steemit and talk about how I went about cashing out my payouts. I suppose it is important to address the elephant in the room. Money is a driving factor for most who come onto Steemit. I remember it was for me as well. As such, I had to ‘flaunt’ my meager Steemit account as a way to ‘prove’ that the money is there.

I went on to share how my wife asked me for 20SBD during December as a way to prove that Steemit works. Unfortunately, she asked at a time when SBD was at its peak. Thus, that was a painful time to cash out. However, you know what they say… Happy wife, happy life.

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Why Am I Doing This Again?

In the midst of my sharing session, there were times when I felt that I had to answer an important question that the audience had. Although this question was not asked, but I would think that many wondered about it. I suppose many wondered why we would invite them to talk about something yet not require them to pay any money. Why would we take our time to volunteer for something like this?

It is undeniable that money is an important point to touch on. However, we try our best to move away from just talking about money for one reason, sustainability. I have seen many who have given up posting on Steemit after a few posts with bad payouts. Thus, if one’s motivation is centered around money, it can be hard to sustain any form of motivation in writing.

That being said, I think many have stayed on because of the community as well as just enjoying the process of posting. That I think is the mindset that we try to share and talk about. Furthermore, it can be used as a vehicle for good as seen in the many community projects done. I for one have greatly benefitted from this experience, having the opportunity to compile some great stories from my teaching experience into a book.


I love sessions like this where I have the opportunity to look back at an awesome year. It was truly a fun experience having to have my own Steemit blog and meeting some really great people. It was during this session that I realized that I have been a year old on Steemit. I hope to see some greater and better things in this Steemit year to come.

Steemit Helped Me Published My First E-book

I have always wanted to publish an Ebook online. It wasn’t until just a few moments ago that I have managed to publish it on Amazon and Smashwords. The feeling was awesome but it all started with an idea.

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How It All Begin

It all started during one of those times. You know, the times when inspiration just comes and you suddenly get a brilliant idea. This was one of those times. I had a moment when I thought, won’t it be cool if I could publish my work on from Steemit in an E-book.

So I went on and did some research (Google) and found this to be something that I was done by some Bloggers. Thus began my journey and converting my posts into an E-book.

I have been on Steemit for about a year and with hundreds of posts published, it just did not seem feasible to publish everything that I have written. Thus, I chose my first book to be about stories from my teaching experience.

The Process

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Thus, I went about compiling all the stories that I could find on my Steemit blog. Upon compiling them, I placed them all in a word document and started touching up on all my posts.

It was a fun process going down the Steemit memory lane. That’s because I got to review all my previous posts and man did it bring back some great memories of my Steemit journey. I do want to thank @steemiteducation @sndbox & @teammalaysia for the inspiration to all those great posts.

I finished compiling and touching up the posts in no time but found the book to be lacking in value. Thus, I went about adding additional content to my post. Additional content that showcased some lessons that I have learned. Also, I added lessons that any reader could use throughout their teaching career.

After that, I started publishing the book onto Amazon Kindle. That’s when I realized that I had to design my own book cover. Fortunately, I was able to create a cover with Canva. I do think that it looks rather nice with my rather limited knowledge in designing stuff.

My Book On Amazon & Smashwords

Looking Ahead…

I do hope that I will be able to sell some copies. Hopefully, I will be able to publish this on more platforms aside from Amazon and Smashwords. One of the biggest problems with these two platforms is that these two platforms are not as popular in my country.

I tried publishing it on Google Play and Apple IBooks and have hit a snag. Google Play is not accepting any new authors, unfortunately. Furthermore, I am unable to publish my book on Apple IBooks for one simple reason. I don’t own a Mac. Yay…

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That being said, I hope this process will help in my journey ahead. Specifically, I hope that this will help me in publishing two other book titles that I have in mind. Of course, if you are a seasoned Ebook publisher, I do hope to hear your thoughts on how I can go about this. Now I do wonder if I can sell this for Steem. If you are interested in getting it for Steem, do let me know in the comments below.

Links to Ebook



My Experience Emceeing For The Borneo Blockchain Summit

This week, I had the honor of emceeing for an awesome event. I had the privilege of emceeing the first Borneo Blockchain Summit. It was held on the 8th of September at a university in Sabah. Two hundred participants attended the summit. Further, some really great speakers shared about the uses and examples of Blockchain technology.

The Borneo Blockchain summit was educational and ‘shill-free’. In other words, no one speaker was there to speak about their coin or ICO. Rather, the speakers were there to educate the participants on what Blockchain is, as well as how it is revolutionary in our respective industries.

Why It Totally Rocks

I have emceed some events throughout my life. However, it is my first time emceeing an event related to Blockchain. I like how casual the Borneo Blockchain Summit was despite the presence of a government official. Conventionally, there is a list of protocols to follow from addressing those who are present to having someone reciting a prayer. Since the event was casual, it created a really great atmosphere.

I love my role as an emcee to hang out with some of the speakers before hand. I love the fact that I got to chat with them before the event. Such great speakers from the Borneo Blockchain Summit consist of Anthony Davie, Luke Jones and Jason Chew whom I got to talk with before hearing them speak on stage. I think that is important because it gives a personal perspective towards where they are coming from.

The team and speakers during dinner.

Another thing that I enjoyed was the entire team from the Borneo Blockchain Summit. Someone from the team pointed out that my role as an emcee was difficult and challenging. I disagree, I think the likes of @bboyady @veenang @danieldoughty and team worked tirelessly to make the entire event possible. Some of them labored till the early hours of the morning just to settle some logistics. Towards the end of the event, I could see the tiredness in their eyes and a big shout out to them for powering through the event.

However, I think there are a few highlights that made it all worthwhile. For one, the event was publicized on the local news and national television.  The second reason is because the event became a mini Steemit promotion event.

Some Highlights

Lets start with the media. I think there’s just way too much bad press on Blockchain in the country and the Borneo Blockchain Summit helped dispel some of the bad press. Since the the deputy minister for education and innovation was there, it shows that they are in support of educating the masses on Blockchain and not outright banning it like some countries.

My selfie with the minister =)

Another awesome highlight was how all the speakers started talking about Steemit. Most of them cited Steemit as a great Blockchain project and gave some solid reasons to back it up. @bitrocker2020, one of the speakers cited its value as an agent for social change and Luke Jones gave reasons behind why it was a great project that is likely to stick around for the long haul. The best part? This was not planned at all.

Most of the organizing team were Steemians, but the none of the speakers except for @bitrocker2020 were Steemians. Furthermore, there were many members from another cryptocurrency project there and they too got curious as to what Steemit is. As a Steemian, this makes me proud to be part of such a great project.

The final highlight for me was of course how the audience responded to my silly jokes. Yes, not everyone likes dad jokes but personally, I gauge my performance by the amount of laughter I get. From the laughs and responses, it gives me great joy to say that I have done a great job.


I asked many of the participants why they were there. I love how a 60 year old lady put it. She said that she felt compelled to come and to learn. Her reason was that if she did not learn, she feared that she may be left behind. This gives me great pride to emcee and host the first Borneo Blockchian Summit. I love that through this project, we are educating and teaching the masses on the revolutionary technology that we call Blockchain.

Hopefully, we get to do this again next year and if the organizers are keen, I will continue to make the crowd laugh with my lame jokes for Borneo Blockchain Summit 2019.

I Will Be Sharing About Steemit At An Education Conference

Today I received a bit of a good news. I have been given the go-ahead to share about how I use Steemit in language learning. What is amazing in my opinion was that the conference organizers actually said yes.

To give a bit of a background, I was given a partial paid trip to Suzhou, China to present a research that I was doing. The conference and accommodation fees were expensive. As such, I applied for a partial scholarship. However, one condition to getting a scholarship is that I have to run a workshop on language learning. I thought, won’t it be cool to tell the many academicians about Steemit.

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During the conference, I plan to share on how I have used Steemit’s payout to get students interested in writing essays. There have been countless articles on the use of blogs to teach students how to write. However, those blogs don’t exactly pay and thus, with students being paid to study, I find that the results may be very different.

I asked the conference organizers. I was not sure whether they will approve or not and now that they are on board with this, I have started wondering if I did the right thing.

Potential Rewards

I was considering if I should present about Steemit in my conference. At best,  I was hoping to get some of the institutions on board with trying Steemit to teach language learning. I believe that having a higher learning institution investigating the use of Steemit in the classroom may boost Steemit’s use case in education.

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In addition, motivating students to write and engage in English is one of the toughest challenges that a second language teacher faces. One contributing factor is because students claim that there is really no point in doing so aside from passing exams. Steemit could mitigate this through payouts, allowing students to type in English while potentially getting rewarded.

Furthermore, the use of Steemit does not end at being merely an electronic piece of paper that students could write on. Steemit also requires students to engage with other native speakers of English. This allows the students to practice, engage and immerse in the language. This could eventually lead to the mastery and improvement of their language.

Potential Problems

Of course, there are problems. Off the top of my head, I can think of several things that may go wrong. You may be wondering why am I so pessimistic about this. That is because I am rather familiar with the crowd that I am speaking to. For one, they have likely not heard of blockchain or cryptocurrency. The audience are all professors and lecturers from universities, specializing in language learning.

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As such, I fear that they may dismiss Steemit as merely a gimmick or something that is irrelevant in language teaching. To add on, I do not have a large enough sample size to prove of Steemit’s effectiveness. This may cause some of them to doubt Steemit’s education potential. I may believe in it, but these are academicians after all, as such, they may be looking at some form of proof to indicate that Steemit can motivate students to participate and engage in writing.


Regardless, I will still be presenting about Steemit at this conference on computer assisted language teaching and learning. I believe that many of these teachers and lecturers could implement what I did with @steemit-esl in their classrooms.

Of course, if any of you reading this have presented a paper on Steemit at a conference, please let me know! I would love to hear how it went, as well as how you presented it.

Co-hosting A Talk Show is Just Like Completing a PhD

I co-hosted my first talk show together with @zord189 yesterday. It was a great experience on my end to co-host a voice talk show over the @teammalaysia discord server. In many ways, co-hosting a talk show reminded me of my PhD journey.

Before I continue any further, do note that I enjoyed co-hosting the show but I am not exactly enjoying my PhD journey. As such, certain negative aspects may surface due to my PhD journey and not the talk show. That’s my disclaimer.

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So on to the experience. For the uninitiated, the talk show is called Teh Tarik Sundays where different content creators from the teammalaysia server would come on to the talk show to share their latest creation. The hosts act mainly as facilitators while the rest of the community who have tuned in would ask questions via text.

Have Fun!

As we were starting the show, @zord189 asked me to go on first instead of waiting for him. Now, I have been a host at youth programs and a teacher for most of my working life. Naturally, with teenagers and young adults, I start off with a joke or two to kick things off. Of course, now that I am a father, these jokes have taken a toll for the lamest.

I was hoping that some enjoyed the joke but some do not. However, this is one of the similarities between hosting a talk show and completing a PhD. Sometimes, you just have to have fun. Its that or you get overwhelmed with the mountains of challenges in completing a PhD. I am sure @zord189 faces similar challenges in making the show possible. He too shares the same philosophy, sometimes, you just have to chill, have fun and everything will turn out great.

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First Time Problems

I don’t know how to coin this any better, but I think when attempting something new, there is bound to be problems. As I was co-hosting the show, I think one of the hardest things for me was turn-taking.

I have been talking in front of lecture halls, classrooms, and even emceed for events. The issue is that most of the time, I did it alone. As such, turn-taking with a co-host was new to me. Furthermore, with the absence of a script, it can be hard to anticipate who is going to speak next.

The same goes for my PhD journey. I had to go through many learning experiences. One was when I submitted my journal to be published in a prestigious journal. I had unfavorable reviews due to my writing being inadequate. It took me a rather large sum of money and countless sleepless nights to get it published.

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I think there is no running away from first time problems, the best way is just to take it head on. Best way to learn is always through making many mistakes.

The Awesome Things About Teh Tarik Sundays

I see Teh Tarik Sundays from two points of view. The first thing is that Teh Tarik Sundays are part of my Sunday night routine. It is always great listening to others share about their work as I prepare for Monday.

The Second great thing about Teh Tarik Sundays is that I think it helps give an opportunity for many to promote their work. Without avenues such as Teh Tarik Sundays, Steemit can be a rather lonely journey.

The same goes for my PhD journey. It can be rather lonely and without a community that supports, most would find it rather depressing.


All in all, it was a great experience co-hosting the show, can’t say the same for my PhD experience. However, I hope that by this time next year, I will be happily prancing my way to graduation.

Paying My Students To Do Their Homework: An Update

A few weeks ago, I started using Steemit as a way to encourage my students to do their homework tasks at home. Well, you can say that I have started paying my students to do their work. In my head, I pictured a moment where all the students would clamor at posting as many articles as possible. I was wrong.

I suppose I have forgotten how teens react to tasks like this. Most of them just shrugged and decided that they were not going to do their work. I had it all planned out, I was going to go on a discord talk show organized by @teammalaysia to promote their work. Hours before the talk show, no one posted.

I started getting nervous, thinking that this was surely going to be a flop, and then the students started sending their work in. Well, only two of them sent in their work. I quickly formatted their work and posted it up on a blog that I have created called @steemit-esl.


I created a blog for them for the to track their comments as well as the biggest motivator of all, the payouts. Furthermore, I wanted them to focus on the language, not Steemit, yet. In addition, I had a plan to get the entire institution to use Steemit as a platform, but we shall get to that later. On Monday, I showed my students the upvotes and the pending payouts.

The Students’ Eyes

The ones who completed and sent in their work were happy, leaving the rest of the class to get all excited about this. They started realizing that this was real and not some weird scam concocted by a mad teacher. They realized that, I would actually be paying my students and that there was a chance to earn real money.

Thus, the once sleepy and bored eyes were changed, enthusiasm returned and many of them started being a bit more participative. At this point of time, if you are an educator, you may be wondering if this is ethical, let alone sustainable. The goal really is to motivate the students to start, many of the students are from non-English speaking backgrounds. As such, a lot of them have given up on ever scoring well in their English paper.

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However, I needed something to spark their interest once more. It is a feeling akin from catching your first fish. It is because of that first catch, this has motivated you to want to fish more. I am looking for that positive experience that make them want to come back for more.

So, I Told My Boss

My supervisor was curious and concerned about me. Apparently, my class was considered difficult to deal with.  When I told her about what I was doing, she got really excited and was interested in applying the same method to both classes. We spoke a bit on how to execute the project quickly as exam season is near.

However, we still need the principal’s consent and for now, he is ok with me trying this out. That being so, I think he is rather skeptical. Thus, I am hoping a change of attitude in the class or at the very least, a change of results for the better would help solidify the use case of Steemit in education.

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I Can’t Wait For The Payout

This project however is fairly new, to this day, even the first group of students have not received their payouts yet. I am extremely thankful towards @teammalaysia for supporting this endeavor of mine. I could not have given my students a big enough upvote.

However, the community quickly rallied behind it and upvoted my students to a total of close to 4 STU in payouts. Not much, it would amount to a nice Venti Mocha Frappucino at Starbucks, but I think it is not about just money, but being appreciated for your work.

I think homework has left a very negative thought in most students’ minds, leading them towards running away from it instead of embracing the practice and the grind towards becoming better. Thus, I can’t wait to start paying them more through the use of Steemit and other apps such as Dsound to further motivate them the students to practice the language.

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I think there is still much to do and a long way towards creating a syllabus that runs off the Steemit blockchain. I believe in its potential for one reason. If you were to flip through the many research done on teaching language to students, the biggest challenge is motivation. Most are demotivated, fearful and unwilling to practice the language for fear of being ridiculed by their more proficient peers.

This has created a vicious cycle as due to the lack of practice, they never improve and this festers until when they start applying for a job. Then, they would realize that it is too late to start practicing. The payouts on Steemit mitigates this, offering the students something in return for doing something unpleasant. Hopefully one day, more of the teachers and even the institution, would see the use case of Steemit and start using it, then it would truly become the first Steemit school in real life.

Handling Stress & Pressure on Steemit

Doing well on Steemit can be rather stressful. I remember a Steemian saying that if you want to make do well on Steemit, you have to view Steemit as a business. However, to run a business well, stress and pressure will definitely be part and parcel of the entire process.

I have been on Steemit since September 2017. I found my niche rather early on on Steemit. That niche was education and I have been writing about it ever since I came on Steemit. Now, most of you Steemit veterans know, there are days when you just run out of ideas to write, especially if you were to write at least five times a week. There is only so many subtopics, news and perspectives that you can talk about.

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It won’t be long before you would start feeling rather stressed out and pressured to perform. Every night as I start writing, I feel like I have been placed on stage and made to tell a new joke everyday. Thus, in this post, I will talk about three ways that has kept me going.

Responding To Failure

Growing up in a stressful school and family environment has made me realize the importance of perspective. I have learnt that you can’t control the stressful situations that frequently pop up in our lives. However, I can control how I respond to it. Often, this requires a change of perspective.

In the context of Steemit, it would be impossible for you to control who upvotes you. It is even harder to predict if you will ever get more than a few cents of upvotes. While it is impossible to not feel pressured and stressed, there is one thing that you can control, your response.

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I have had my share of failures and all I could do was return to the drawing board and plan. Even till this day, there are times where an article that I have spent hours on, may still not do well. However, instead of feeling stressed, I choose to keep trying.

Share Your Blog With Others

I don’t know about you, but I love sharing my blog with others. Yes, the payout amount below my blog may look really cool, but I find myself in situations where I will be giving advice to my students. Instead of explaining certain things to them , I would ask them to read my blog.

This helps in the stress and pressure because it changes how you view writing on Steemit. You see, Steemit can be a one off thing for you, or an investment. An investment not in the financial sense, but in situations where you get to share your thoughts to inspire others.

Once you start viewing your blog that way, writing stops being stressful. It becomes somewhat of an interest where expressing yourself becomes the most important thing, while the financial part is an added bonus.

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Reward Yourself

However, what if you are someone who really needs the money and Steemit is your only source of income? It gets pretty difficult to have to write everyday. I believe you will feel quite stressed and pressured to do so or else, there just may not be enough on the table. If Steemit is your day job, I do think that it is best to reward yourself once in awhile.

I used some of my Steem earnings to pay off my monthly credit card bills for a few months before the prices tanked. The feeling was surreal and it kept me writing and believing in the system. The stress and pressure quickly disappeared, replaced by a renewed sense of motivation to keep going.

All in all, pressure and stress are part and parcel of Steemit. However, keep going, keep striving and push through. I believe one day, you will find success on Steemit.


Hello WordPress! Thanks To Steempress & Vornix

This is my first WordPress post which has always been a dream to do but never realized. That’s because I came across Steemit first instead of WordPress, as such it made more sense to stick with Steemit for the long haul instead of merely starting a WordPress blog.

That is until I came across Steempress which allows for the posting of blog posts simultaneously on both a WordPress site and a Steemit site.


Image source:

For the longest time after I have started my Steemit journey, I have wondered how would it be possible to post Steemit articles on both a Steemit site and a WordPress site. While it is possible to do separate posts on both Steemit and my very own WordPress site, it did not make sense since most of my audience are already on Steemit.

Furthermore, I have been introducing Steemit to my students and having them visit my WordPress site did not make sense, since some of them already have a WordPress site which was not working out for them. As such, I am completely sold on the use of Steempress as a way to publish my WordPress articles on Steemit. The thing is, I was not able to install any plugins with my free WordPress account. To do that, I would need to pay 24 USD a month for a a WordPress account. That did not make much sense to me until Vornix came along.

Image source:

The wonderful people at Vornix were awesome enough to help me start my own WordPress site at any amount of SBD payment. I paid 3 SBD, still an awesome deal if you ask me to have my own WordPress site. I suppose the only downside is that I can’t have my own domain name, but I suppose that can wait.


That being said, I am looking forward to do more with this new site and I look to the teaching community for support, not in the form of upvotes but ideas in general. I believe that we are moving towards an era where technology is inseparable with education. Increasingly, more and more governments are implementing some form of mobile learning or learning management system to enhance the teaching and learning process.

However, there are issues, not only with the application and use of technology, but also with the teaching aspect. For example, how do you get students to use the shiny new app that the school paid thousands of dollars for? More importantly, what are the techniques that can be used to make it happen? I hope that I would get some great questions from the Steemit education community and beyond on how to appropriately apply technology in the classroom.


Moreover,  I hope that this site will draw more teachers to use Steemit not only to help with funding, but as a community to help each other in our respective areas of teaching.